5 Steps To Remove KMPlayer Advertisements

KMPlayer is one of the most famous media players available on the Internet. It is probably the only real threat to VLC player’s popularity. Though I have been using KMPlayer for years, the recent updates are a bit irritating due to constant bugging through advertisements and game news. Since it is a freeware, so the developers raise funds only through the promotion of games and products. Everytime the player is launched, a whole side window is devoted to this.

main page

This has even led to users ditching the software for its counterparts. And those who time and again use the cross button to close the advertisements wish to permanently get rid of these games and ads to enjoy uninterrupted videos and movies. This anomaly can actually be removed in 5 easy steps. There are 2 methods. Any of the methods can be used to remove kmplayer advertisements –

Remove KMPlayer Advertisements and Games Using Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click on ‘Tools’ (Alt + X) and then navigate to ‘Internet Options’.

method 1 step 2

3. Go to the ‘Security’ tab

4. Under the section ‘Select a zone to view or change security settings’, select ‘Restricted sites’ (as depicted in the pic) and click on ‘Sites’.

method 1 step 4
5. Now under ‘Add this website to the zone’ and in the about:blank space, type the URL http://player.kmpmedia.net and hit ‘Add’. Finally close the window and click OK on the Internet Options window.


method 1 step 5

This would restrict KMPlayer to connect to the KM Media Servers from where it downloads the data to show you the app and game adverts.

Remove KMPlayer Advertisements and Games Using Windows Hosts File

1. Open Notepad as Administrator. This can be done by typing notepad in start menu( windows 7/ windows 10) or Start Screen search box (windows 8/ windows 10) and simultaneously pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys.

Alternatively, you can also go to Notepad in the start menu/screen, right clicking on it and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’.

method 2 step 1
2. When the Notepad launches click on File –> Open.


method 2 file open
3. Then navigate to the directory
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc , change the file type to ‘all files’ and open the ‘hosts’ file (see depiction below).


methods open hosts


4. At the end of the host file, add the following URL – player.kmpmedia.net


method 2 step 4
5. Finally save the file by clicking on File–> Save. This will again block the kmplayer from accessing its media server and hence restricting it from showing any adverts.

Please note that if notepad if asking you to make a new file when you try to save in Step 5, it means notepad was not launched with Administrator rights and therefore you need to follow Step 1 properly.
Also note that The KMPlayer is a freeware and the only source of its funds is through the ads. Therefore kindly consider donating to its cause and help it to grow.

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