Remove Social Networking Widgets From Webpages With WidgetBlock

[Google Chrome Only]: No matter which website you visit, I am sure you will find social plugins, widgets, counters, buttons and other not so necessary elements embedded. This is the nature of the web – every other website wants to be more “Social” and wants to allow it’s readers the ability to share a page on various social networking sites – with the touch of a button.

Often times, this social sharing concept get in the way of simplicity and minimalism. Nobody likes a cluttered web layout – filled with widgets, buttons, counters and other graphical gimmicks.

We have earlier discussed a Greasemonkey script called Facebook Disconnect which can be used to remove Facebook social plugins, Fan box and Like buttons from all websites you visit. There is again another “Minimalist Facebook” Greasemonkey script which can be used to block ads and unnecessary elements in Facebook profile.

Now here is a very useful Chrome extension called Widgetblock which can be used to remove all social networking widgets from all webpages you visit. The extension blocks all widgets hence speeding up web page loading time considerably.

I tried the extension and it’s really very useful. The extension can block Facebook widgets, like buttons, fan box and other elements. In addition to this, the extension also blocks other social widgets e.g Digg bar, Twitter updates bar, Tweet button and so on. Note that Widgetblock is not an Adblock extension – it does not block ads in Google Chrome.

There is also an options panel which can be used to specify which widgets you want to block. So if you want to block all the Facebook stuff and keep the Twitter widgets, the options panel will let you do just that.


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