How To Remove Suspicious Chrome Extensions

There are tons of apps in the chrome web store. Many act as add on services to help you get the job done more easily. But there are often times that we find Google Chrome functioning in weird ways. The browser settings change automatically without your knowledge. And the most common example is of the homepage getting configured on its own to show advertisements and sponsored apps, search engines or toolbars. In view of this inservice, Google has released a new tool called Software Removal Tool that will scan through Chrome and remove any ambiguous entity that may harm your privacy or experience by causing problems with Chrome. This tool is the beta phase right now and only available for windows. You can download it here.

Remove Suspicious Chrome Extensions

Once the software tool is downloaded, launching it will make it look around and scan the system to search for problems relating to Google Chrome. The tool requires no installation. You just need to download it and then run.

When it is initially run, it will take a minute to search the malicious apps and report back with the list of suspicious programs found. For example, the result may look like this –

run results

Please select the checkbox to ‘help improve the tool by sending information about your computer to Google.’ As this tool is in the Beta phase, this information would be valuable to Google to help in perfecting the tool.
Then click on ‘Remove suspicious program’ to cleanse the system. This will start the cleaning process and may take another minute to complete.

remove suspicious program

After this process is complete, the tool will just show a dialogue box saying ‘Removal complete’.

There is an option to ‘restart’ the process in this box that will restart your computer to complete the cleaning exercise. Please note that you should save all your work and close all programs before clicking on it.
After the computer restarts, the tool will launch itself again along with Chrome and give you an option to Reset your settings.


This means clicking on ‘Reset’ will factory reset your Chrome browser settings and you will lose data like passwords,extensions, homepage and new page. Therefore please be sure you want the tool to do this before clicking on the ‘Reset’ button. This step was maybe added to delete all ambiguous data that may have been written or altered by the suspicious extension. But you can do without this step too if you don’t want to go through the process of setting up everything again.


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