How to Remove System Apps from Android [Root Required]

Sometimes, Android users encounter an awkward problem and that is low memory issue. Even though, there are plenty of methods to get more storage on a non-memory card supported Android mobile, yet, many of them are certainly not practical. Some methods to obtain additional free storage are usually not long-lasting.

How to Remove System Apps from Android

Here, today I am intending to introduce such a definitive solution that has two different consequences. First, you will get some free storage permanently. Second, you will definitely get rid of needless system apps of Android.

Nonetheless, before trying to remove any system app, you must know whether any app can be deleted or not. YES! According to BloatFreezer, this is not possible to uninstall or remove all system apps of Android. What follows is a list of those apps, what can be removed from your Android mobile or tablet.

List of Apps those can be Deleted

APK Name Remove
ADWLauncher.apk Yes
ApplicationsProvider.apk Yes
Bluetooth.apk Yes
BooksPhone.apk Yes
Browser.apk Yes
Calculator.apk Yes
Calendar.apk Yes
CalendarProvider.apk Yes
Camera.apk Yes
CarHomeGoogle.apk Yes
CarHomeLauncher.apk Yes
ChromeToPhone.apk Yes
CMParts.apk Yes
CMPartsHelper.apk Yes
CMStats.apk Yes
CMUpdateNotify.apk Yes
CMWallpapers.apk Yes Yes
DeskClock.apk Yes
Development.apk Yes
DSPManager.apk Yes
Email.apk Yes
Facebook.apk Yes
FileManager.apk Yes
Gallery3D.apk Yes
GenieWidget.apk Yes
Gmail.apk Yes
GoogleBackupTransport.apk Yes
GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk Yes
GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk Yes
GoogleFeedback.apk Yes
GoogleGoggles.apk Yes
GooglePartnerSetup.apk Yes
GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk Yes
GoogleServicesFramework.apk Yes
googlevoice.apk Yes
HtcCopyright.apk Yes
HtcEmailPolicy.apk Yes
HtcSettings.apk Yes
HTMLViewer.apk Yes
kickback.apk Yes
LatinIME.apk Yes
LatinImeTutorial.apk Yes
LiveWallpapersPicker.apk Yes
MarketUpdater.apk Yes
MediaUploader.apk Yes
Mms.apk Yes
Music.apk Yes
NetworkLocation.apk Yes
OneTimeInitializer.apk Yes
PassionQuickOffice.apk Yes
PicoTts.apk Yes
Protips.apk Yes
Provision.apk Yes
QuickSearchBox.apk Yes
RomManager.apk Yes
SetupWizard.apk Yes
soundback.apk Yes
SoundRecorder.apk Yes
SpareParts.apk Yes
SpeechRecorder.apk Yes
Stk.apk Yes
Street.apk Yes
Superuser.apk Yes
Talk.apk Yes
talkback.apk Yes
TelephonyProvider.apk Yes
Term.apk Yes
ThemeChooser.apk Yes
ThemeManager.apk Yes
Torch.apk Yes
TtsService.apk Yes
Twitter.apk Yes
UserDictionaryProvider.apk Yes
Vending.apk Yes
VoiceDialer.apk Yes
VoiceSearch.apk Yes
VpnServices.apk Yes
YouTube.apk Yes


Apart from these aforementioned apps/APK files, you cannot delete any other files from your Android mobile. That means, if your unnecessary app is listed here, you are lucky. Otherwise, you may have to opt for any other guide to get things done.

How to Remove System Apps from Android?

If you desired application is listed here, you can make use of the following apps. But, before using any app, you should know that your device must be rooted.

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System App Remover

System App Remover

System App Remover is available for Android 2.3 and later version. You can download the free edition of this app, which is enough to remove basic system apps. All options are well categorized but the free version contains ads. Hence, it may look cluttered. Just install this app, select System App, select any app and uninstall it.

System App Uninstaller

System App Uninstaller

The above mentioned should solve your issue. If NOT, you can simply give System App Uninstaller a try. This is also another free application that is available for Android 2.3 and later version. The user interface is 90% same as System App Remover. Just install it, open it, select System App from right pane, choose app(s) to uninstall and hit the Uninstall button. That’s it.

There might have more other tools for the same purpose, but these two apps woks really well.

Bottom Line

You can obviously use your stock System app to remove app. But, you should know that Disable and Uninstall are not same thing. The stock System app of Android disables unnecessary app. But, it cannot uninstall any system app. This is where these third party system app uninstallers come in.

Therefore, at first, be confirmed whether this is possible to remove your app and then use one of these two apps to remove or uninstall system apps from Android.


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