How to Quickly Remove Formatting From Copied Text

Earlier we had shared a trick on how you can quickly copy paste text without formatting from webpages and other documents e.g Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and the like.

The trick is : Copy the formatted text and hit the Control key immediately after it. This will convert the formatted text to plain text which can then be pasted in a document, email message or any other text editor.

You can also use a notepad file to copy plain text from webpages, just paste in the whole selection in notepad and then copy the data from the notepad file.

Some people just love using software, so if you are not like me and want to use a tool to copy plain text paragraphs from webpages, use GetplainText. The tool allows you to remove text formatting from copied data.

Get Plain Text is a simple Windows clipboard extender which lets you copy plain text paragraphs from websites. There is no interface and no setting which you can tweak, just run the exe file after you have copied a formatted paragraph from a document or a website.

Copy paragraphs as Plain text from Websites
Copy paragraphs as Plain text from Websites

The app will immediately remove all formatting from the copied stuff, and then you can paste the plain text paragraph anywhere you want. The application is portable and does not require any installation. Works fine on any Windows Operating system – Windows XP, Windows Vista or WIndows7.

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