Remove The Security Popup From Windows XP – Your Computer Might Be At Risk

One of the big problems in Windows XP is it’s security pop up balloon – Your computer might be at risk.

Whenever you restart or boot Windows and the welcome screen shows up, this security pop up is shown near the system tray. You have to manually remove the security popup, every time Windows XP restarts.

Its very annoying and irritating to do the same thing over and over again, hence I found a simple way to disable “your computer might be at risk” message in Windows XP.

Here is how to do it.

1. Open Windows XP control panel and go to the security center section

2. You will find a resources window on the right hand side. Click on the link that says “Change the way security center alerts me”.

3. This will open an alert settings window where you can choose different security options for Windows XP. If you don’t want to see the your computer might be at risk message, remember to uncheck the automatic updates and virus protection option under Windows security center > alert settings. When you are done, choose “OK”.

That’s it, you have successfully disabled Windows security pop up forever.

Why Windows shows the security message everytime you start Windows XP?

Whenever your computer starts, Windows loads all the core Microsoft services and processes on memory and starts performing a routine check on your system. This check is done to find whether your computer has an antivirus program installed or not and whether you have installed the latest updates and patches from Microsoft update website.

Running an antivirus program is highly recommended, otherwise your computer may become a victim of virus attacks. It is also recommended to download all the latest updates from Microsoft and keep your system fresh and new. If you are seeing the “Your computer might be at risk” security pop-up and want to permanently remove it, you should first install a good antivirus program on your computer. If you are already running an antivirus program, be sure to update it regularly and download all the virus definition updates from the antivirus vendor.

Next, you should activate Windows update from control panel and download all the latest updates for Windows from Microsoft update. Turning on automatic updates and installing an antivirus program will ensure that your computer is safe from virus and trojan attacks and Windows won’t show the security pop-up message, the next time Windows is restarted.

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