How to Rename Apple TV – Third Generation and Fourth Generation

Apple TV is probably the most stable media player and a microconsole (Source: Wikipedia) made by Apple. There are several things you can do with an Apple TV. For example, you can stream video, play music and do something more. You can connect your TV with a HD high resolution screen and enjoy everything right from the front. The HDMI cable helps users to do even more, what may help you get better user experience.

However, do you know how to rename Apple TV? When you set up an Apple TV, it lets users add a name so that you can recognize it faster. For example, suppose, you have more than one connection in your home and you want to play it through Apple Play – the most popular method. At such times, you will have to find out the right device to play anything or stream anything. This may take a lot of time, if you have set random names for your connections.

How to Rename Apple TV – Third Generation and Fourth Generation

But, if you have added Living Room or something like that, you can easily recognize the connection before start playing the music or video. This is where this tutorial comes to play. By utilizing this simple tutorial, you can easily rename Apple TV without any problem.

Although, the procedure is very simple but the steps are different for third generation Apple TV and fourth generation Apple TV. Both can be renamed within moments and you will not have to spend a lot of time to get things done.

How to rename third generation Apple TV?

As mentioned before, this is very and not much time consuming at all. You can do it within moments. To rename third generation Apple TV, at first open the Settings menu of your Apple TV. Following that, go to General and then About >> Name. Here you can enter the name that you want to add. This is as simple as that.

How to rename fourth generation Apple TV?

Alike the third generation, this is also very easy and not much time consuming. At first, open Settings menu of your Apple TV. Then, go to AirPLay and select Apple TV Name. Now, you can do two different things.

You can either use preset names or enter a custom name according to your wish. At last, don’t forget to use the Done button.

That’s it! You are done. Hope this tiny tutorial will help you a lot.


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