How to Replace Samsung TTS with Google TTS

Although Samsung was having a bad time with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there is no doubt that they make awesome mobiles. Even though Samsung uses Google’s Android, they use a different user interface to provide better user experience to their customers. For example, they have expanded the status bar to provide better features. They have enhanced the Settings app to allow users do even more. However, if you have used a Samsung mobile, you might have got a feature called Samsung Text-to-Speech or Samsung TTS. Here is how to replace Samsung TTS with Google TTS.

Sometimes, we need to hear something loudly. For example, you are using a navigation app, and you cannot open the app and check the route. At such moments, if you have enabled voices, you can get a voice that will direct you through a route. That voice comes out from the TTS aka Text to Speech application. Samsung’s Text-to-Speech service is a pretty good app that allows users to do almost all the things what Google’s TTS does. However, some people are just used to with the native Google’s TTS. That is because it speaks the language clearly and it can speak more languages than Samsung’s TTS. Therefore, if you would like to replace Samsung TTS with Google TTS, here is a simple guide. This is needless to mention that you can perform these following steps only on Samsung mobiles. However, you can have almost any Samsung mobile to execute these steps.


How to Replace Samsung TTS with Google TTS

Google Text-to-Speech app is available for almost all the Android versions. Therefore, there are virtually no strings attached with this app. This is meaningless to mention that you can download Google Text-to-Speech app for free to your Android mobiles. Therefore, at first download this app from here to your Samsung mobile and install it. Also, there are some Samsung mobiles those may come with this app as a built-in app as well. In that case, there is no need to install it or perform the first step mentioned here.

Following that, navigate to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech. You must get two different TTS services i.e. Samsung TTS and Google TTS. By default, Samsung Text-to-speech would be selected. However, if you want to choose Google TTS, just tap on that particular radio button. After that, it would be a couple of moments to get it done.


If you want to set it up accordingly, you can tap on the settings gear button visible on the right-hand side. You would be able to change the language, install new voice data, check your privacy settings and more.

That’s it! This is as simple as said. Hope you would like this tiny tutorial.

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    Nope. Samsung TTS keeps resetting itself as the default TTS function.

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