Resize Multiple Images At Once in Windows

Whenever we want to post an image to any social networking website like Facebook, Twitter or even to our blog, we generally resize them. If you are a Windows user, you would be using Paint or some image editing or resizing third party softwares like GIMP or Photoshop. Sometimes, we would like to resize multiple images quickly. Image editing softwares which you use may not support editing or resizing multiple images at once. Even Photoshop and paint does not support resizing multiple images and we need to open each image in separate window. But, now you can resize multiple images at once using Image Resizer for Windows.

Use Image Resizer_ Resize Multiple Images
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How to Resize Multiple Images At Once in Windows ?

Image Resizer for Windows allows you to select one or more images to resize them at once. You can resize multiple images at once, right from the folder location. There is no need of dragging and dropping images.

Image Resizer for Windows adds the option to the Context Menu of the eight-click. By selecting the option of Resize pictures, you can resize multiple images with just a single click. Here how it is done.

In the first step, download and install Image Resize for Windows. Once installation is done, it adds the option for resizing multiple images to the context menu.

Resize Multiple Images at once in Windows

Now, open the folder which has images to be resized. Select one or more images that you want to resize and right click on them. Select “Resize pictures” option from the context menu.

It opens a window which has options for different sizes. Select the one from small to large as per your requirement. It also supports selecting Mobile option, which resizes the image based on the screen dimension it has mentioned. You can even access more options from the Advanced Settings.

ImageResizer for Windows

It places the resized images in to the same source folder by adding the type you have chosen (large, medium, small, mobile and more) within the parenthesis. So, that it is very easy to distinguish resized images based on the size type.


Image Resizer for Windows is really interesting photo resizing software for your Windows PC. It supports all versions of Windows. Resized images are distinguishable and are placed in the same source folder. This is really the simple and easy method to resize multiple images in a single shot.

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