How to Restore Desktop Sessions in Windows and Save Time

Just as you can save sessions in Firefox and other browsers, you can also save desktop sessions in Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7. It’s similar to hibernating your computer but with a total shutdown. Saving desktop sessions before a system restart let’s you resume your work and you do not need to open all the running programs, applications and folders.

To save active desktop sessions in Windows, use CacheMyWork. It is a freeware utility that let’s you restart your computer without closing open applications, documents and software’s. The current environment is saved as a unique session and the next time you log in after a system restart, you can restore a previously saved session and continue to your work.

To use the software, simply install and run the program and it will create a checklist of all the currently running programs in your system


Make sure you check the checkbox “Run previous explorer windows at next logon” from Tools–> options. After that you can restart Windows and the next time you login, you will have all the programs and applications ready in the same environment and state. Basically this utility remembers open windows, running programs and applications and resumes them on system restart so that you don’t have to reopen all of them again. (also read: How to close inactive programs automatically)

But this app does not store the data associated with your programs. It can only restore the program windows and not the data associated with it. So make sure to save your work before you quit Windows.

For example : You are working in an unsaved Word document and thought that you can restore the document along with Ms-word when you login after a system restart. Sorry but you can’t. This software will resume the Microsoft Word program but unfortunately all the data will be lost if you did not save your document.

The utility works with Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7.

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