Restrict Control Panel access for Specific Users in your Computer

Its always a good idea to disable access to Control panel to your children’s or to an office staff .This  will prevent them from uninstalling programs or changing your computers settings.This trick not only restricts Control panel access but also removes all control panel Links from the User account.

To restrict Control Panel Access

1.From the Start Menu go to Run and type “gpedit.msc“(without quotations) to open the group policy editor.

2.In the Left pane navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel.

3.In the right Pane select Control panel.Right Click and Select properties and Enable it.

group policy editor

This setting prevents Control.exe, the program file for Control Panel, from starting. As a result, users cannot start Control Panel or run any Control Panel items. This setting also removes Control Panel from the Start menu as well as from Windows Explorer.Works With Win 2000 or higher versions.

Can the User Access Display and other Settings from Context Menu ?

If users try to select a Control Panel item from the Properties item on a context menu,or by right clicking the desktop and selecting Properties a message appears explaining that a setting prevents the action.

You can also Hide specific Control Panel Applets from the Group Policy Editor.

Why not Snatch Administrative Privileges from that User’s account ?

In some Situations you may wish to allow the User to install programs but only want to restrict him from Uninstalling programs or change System Settings like Display,Themes etc.If you Snatch Administrative access the User will not be able to install programs.So its better to Restrict him from Using the Control Panel.


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