Curata is A Web based RSS Reader With Keyword Filters

I have been an ardent fan of Google reader since the last few years. Sadly, I switched to Feedly a couple of months back, after Google announced the retirement of Google Reader. There are different ways to filter blog posts and stories in Google Reader. You can use Yahoo Pipes, Feedrinse or even an IFTTT recipe to do amazing things but since Google Reader is not part of the equation anymore, all those tricks aer of no use now.

I have used almost every possible RSS reader, both desktop and web based, but the one thing I have always missed is the ability to filter feeds by keywords. You don’t want to read everything, there has to be a smarter way which would allow you to skip unnecessary stories and keep your feed reader in control. You don’t necessarily want to unsubscribe from a source, all you need is to ignore stories and items that have specific words in the title of the blog post.

Fact of the matter is that I have a lot of subscriptions, hundreds of feeds neatly organized in different folders. I don’t get the time to read everyday, but when I do, I am lost among a sea of content. It is synonmous to email, I can’t even imagine my email inbox without custom Gmail filters.

Curata fills this gap – its a web based RSS reader that supports keyword filters.

Curata lets you import all your Google Reader subscriptions from Google Take out, so setting up your Curata account is fairly easy. Curata keeps your folder structure intact (thanks Curata), so you don’t have to organize all your subscriptions.

Unlike Feedly, Curata takes the minimalistic approach. There is absolutely nothing except a left column containing all your sources and the reading pane on the right. No sharing buttons, no extra clutter.

To setup keyword filters, all you need to do is hit the small “Pencil” icon next to a source and setup your filters. You can choose to etup individual filters for selected blogs or setup filters for a collection of blogs inside a folder (category).

For example, I am not much interested in anything related to “Samsung” but I am interested in Google, Apple and Microsoft. I have a “News” folder where I have all the subscriptions about Tech news. What I would do here is setup a keyword filter that ignores any story that contains the word “Samsung” in the title of the blog post.

Multiple filters works the same way, you need to separate them by commas. The only downside is that there is no way to save your filters or back them up. But that’s okay, you can always write your filters in a text file and use it when you want.

Curata is definitely one of the best minimal RSS reader application, with less features and more focus. Try it and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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