How to Display RSS Feeds in Windows Screensaver

Do you feel bored when you see the same screensaver on Windows desktop over and over again? May be you have set “My Pictures” folder slideshow as Windows screensaver, but if you are an RSS addict here is something interesting.

With the very popular RSS screensaver by Newsgator, you can display content from RSS feeds as screensaver in Windows. Whenever you are away from your computer, the application will pull content from specified RSS feeds and display it on your computer screen. This can breathe some life in your desktop, for example – you can subscribe to a Flickr feed and show the latest photos from anyone’s photostream.

Once you have installed the application, go to Windows personalization options and choose “Newsgator” as the default screensaver for Windows.

Hit the “Settings” button and login to your Newsgator account, if you have one.

Enter account credentials of Newsgator feeds

Once you are logged in, the screensaver will show you the default list of feeds from your Newsgator account. Pick some feeds whose content you want to display.

That’s it, now sit back and wait for the screensaver to get activated.When the screensaver starts, it will fetch a random post from any of the RSS feed and display it in the screen, as shown below:

The unread items from your Newsgator feed will automatically rotate when you are not present in front of your computer.

You can also try RSSmore – it’s a free RSS screensaver which lets you subscribe to any number of XML feeds and view the content as screensaver. RSS more is better than Newsgator screensaver for two reasons. First, you do not necessarily need a Newsgator account to use the application. Second, you can specify a custom image as screensaver background, which is nice.

With Rssmore, you may also include sites or web pages that do not offer an RSS feed and the application will loop through the content and show the items one by one.

Tip: Play games in Feeddemon – an Easter egg.


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