How to Run A Program With Difference Configuration At Once

Windows is a great operating system and here is another method to prove that. There are thousands of software available for Windows. Some programs need administrator privilege when some program can run without having any admin permission. Users generally need to provide administrator privilege to those apps, what make change in system files. For example, if you want to open Registry Editor, you will have to open that by confirming on UAC window. Alike that, when you need to write something in Notepad, you can open that using regular method. But, when you have to open that to edit the Host file of your Windows machine, you must have to give admin privilege. Otherwise, it won’t be able to make any change.

Here is a Windows software that can open one program with different settings or configuration at once. For instance, you have already opened Registry Editor with administrator permission. But, you also want to open that without admin privilege to check the change or anything else. Or, there may have any other reason to open one program with different configuration. The solution is same.

Run A Program With Difference Configuration At Once

This free Windows software is known as AdvancedRun. This is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is compatible with 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows. The most beautiful thing is this is a portable software. That means, whenever you want to use it, just open and start using.

Anyway, to do anything with this app, at first, download it from nirsoft. Following that, open the .exe file. You will get a Window like this,

Run A Program With Difference Configuration At Once

Now, you can set up everything that is available in this window. You can select particular program, command-line argument, start directory, priority, window state, Window position, window size, run as, process name/ID and many more.

You can also use search path to find the program location if the full path is not specified by you. Sometime, we do not remember the exact path of any software. At such moments, you can simply enter the software name and it will use the Windows search to find that program on behalf of you.

In Main Window Size, you can select Hidden, Normal, Minimized or Maximized. By default, “Normal” is selected and this is adequate. The Run As section helps users to choose whether the selected app needs administrator privilege or not. Any program can bypass the UAC window if you can select the particular option. If you select Current User – Without UAC Elevation, no app will ask for administrative privilege before opening.

The most beautiful thing is you can have Compatibility Mode that does what it says. It means, you can open an app with Windows 95 to Windows 8 compatibility mode. On the other hand, this is possible to disable visual themes, desktop composition, display scaling on high DPI settings and many more. You can also select the color bit-rate. By default, Normal Colors is selected, which is perfect for any new app.

Wrap Up

This is actually a great software for running same app with different configuration. Although, Windows helps users to open one app with or without administrative privilege simultaneously, but there is no other option. However, this free and portable software provides all those options under one roof.

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