Is The Samsung Galaxy Note Still The Phablet To Beat?

In 2011, Samsung did the unthinkable. It launched a mobile device that was neither a smartphone nor a tablet, but something in between. It was the dawn of the Samsung Galaxy Note, an oversized smartphone, which acquired the name phablet. The Korean-based company has since produced several phablets, the latest being the Galaxy Note 8. Although many other companies have ventured into the production of 6-inch smartphones, the Galaxy Note is still the best phablet. Read on to find out.

The amazing super AMOLED screen

The last thing you would want on a big phone is a dull display. You won’t have to worry because Samsung already took care of that challenge by introducing the super AMOLED technology on their flagship devices. The screen is therefore bright and pleasant to the eye. To ensure the big phone can fit into your hand, Samsung decided to curve the edges of the display downwards making the phone almost bezel-less. The gorilla glass protection ensures the device is resistant to scratches and cracks.

Superb photography

The Galaxy Note has one of the best cameras a phablet can ever have. The Optical Image Stabilisation and the phase detection autofocus, as well as the bright, LED flash at the back of the device mean that you get crisp images even in low light situations. The 4K video recording feature is outstanding, and you can hardly find it on another big phone brand. The front snapper is also capable of 1080p resolution images, making it the best camera phablet ever.


The Galaxy Note is not only scratch-resistant but also water-resistant! No need for a heart attack when it accidentally falls into water, or you have to walk in the rain. The phone is rather expensive, so you wouldn’t want your savings to go to waste on account of a little moisture intruding the device.

To achieve this technical feat, Samsung designed a full glass and metal body to keep the chassis water-tight.

A big battery

Well, the large bright display panel and the octa-core processor require enough juice to keep the phone running for at least the whole day. Samsung has ensured you don’t suffer those interruptions by fitting a massive 3500mAh at the back of the device to keep your device on for at least 12 hours of heavy use. Even if you have to plug in, you won’t have long to wait, thanks to the fast-charge technology that will give you 80% battery life in less than one hour. The wireless charging technology will make matters even more bearable than having to plug into the wall.

The return of the S-Pen

The S-Pen is a quick way to type your notes because it allows writing directly on the Galaxy Note screen. Some people may be comfortable typing with their thumbs, but you may not be one of them. The moment you pull out from the bottom of the device, the Action Memo app automatically activates, and you can begin writing. Unlike the previous S-Pens that would be less responsive and power-draining, the Galaxy Note S-Pen enables smooth operation and is more energy efficient through the integration of the Air Commands feature that opens a menu of commands for instant navigation.

The impressive Super AMOLED display, excellent battery life and superb cameras all combine to make the Galaxy Note the best phablet so far. The all-metal and glass body makes the phone water-resistant, something that many other phablet makers have not been able to achieve.

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  1. Shelly Reichel says:

    Thank you for the review, however, SNotes with integrated action memo has been removed from what is now called Samsung Notes. The beauty of SNotes has always been action memo and “link to action” which lets you act on the information written in the action memo, such as calling a phone number, searching the web, adding to Contacts, texting or emailing. It is possible to sideload an older version of SNotes but you can no longer bring up an action memo by double clicking on the display. This is a huge disappointment for those of us whom have used this feature since the first Note and we are hoping that Samsung is listening and brings back the feature that makes the Note what it used to be.

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