Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: The Best Android Phone Of 2017?

The Android market is teeming with options for those looking to acquire the best mobile phone in 2017. The wide variety ranges from super-expensive phones from such companies as Samsung and LG to budget-friendly models that make sacrifices in a few areas but remain great phones. If you are going in for the best mobile device, remember that you will have to prepare adequate wherewithal because top-notch features don’t come easy.

So, which is the best Android cell phone of 2017? Considering all factors that go into determining the best phone, we have carefully selected the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Here are the reasons for this selection:

Battery size

Despite featuring high-end specs, Samsung phones have always scored poorly in the battery department. Its competitors and several pretenders to the throne have always cashed in on this weakness to produce devices with massive batteries but with inferior features. Samsung seems to have learned from its past errors and pulled out all stops to ensure the S8 plus has enough juice to last it throughout the day. The phone packs a massive 3,500mAh battery, more powerful than its earlier version, the S8. The massive battery size is good news for heavy phone users who will no longer have to interrupt their daily lives to plug into the wall to recharge their Samsung device.

The screen

One of the major highlights of this mobile device is its enormous screen size – 6.2 inches! Worried that such a monstrous size may not fit into your hand? You are wrong. Thanks to the 18.5:9 aspect ratio, the phone will easily nestle into your hands. The display looks even bigger due to the impressively thin bezels that hold the device together. Another display feature that should make you keep an eye on this phone is its AMOLED technology which makes viewing photos and videos a delight. You get sharp and crisp images, and you can watch HD movies without any problem.


Well, you are probably aware that one reason people buy smartphones is the integrated digital camera, and that most people take at least one photo each day. You have all your favourite photos tucked away in your phone memory. A 12Mp snapper occupies the upper end of the phone’s back, with a LED flash and optical image stabilisation features. You can also record 4K and full HD videos. Selfie lovers won’t be disappointed as the front-facing camera is a massive 8MP with autofocus, dual video call and HDC capabilities. This phone is a clear indication that Samsung is leaving nothing to chance in their latest high-end flagship devices.


Featuring the latest Android 7.0, the phone takes performance to a whole new level with its octa-core Mali GPU or the Adreno 540 for USA and China versions. The 4GB of RAM – some editions have 6GB – mean you can seamlessly switch between applications, and run those heavy graphics games without any hitch. You also find enough onboard storage for your videos and photos, and all the apps you can think of installing on your phone, thanks to the massive 64GB of internal memory present on this phone.

Price matters

Premium features on any device often push the price of such device right through the stratosphere. The Galaxy S8 Plus won’t sell for anything less than $850, making it one of the most expensive phones in the Android world. But it is worth watching in 2017 – maybe with the coming of the iPhone 8 to give it a run for its money, the price may hopefully go down.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is undoubtedly one of the best phones on the market today. The enormous screen size, bigger battery, massive onboard storage and better cameras promise a bright future for Samsung devices.

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