Samsung Gear S Gets Opera Mini – First Web Browser

Tizen based Samsung Gear S has got first web browser called Opera Mini. Opera Blog has officially published a blog post to let us know that Opera Mini will be included in Samsung Gear S.

You know that Samsung has announced Gear S few weeks back and it is coming soon with a very new platform called Tizen. Tizen is actually made for wearable gadgets by Samsung.

You know that Opera Mini is a very popular web browser that is available for major platforms like Android, Windows etc. This is even more popular among them who want to save bandwidth. This web browser takes less memory and provides a great browsing experience. That is why most of the limited data users use it over Chrome or Firefox.

Samsung Gear S Gets Opera Mini

Samsung Gear S is the first device, which is coming soon with Tizen based platform. Therefore, obviously, it will provide a different user experience. To increase the excitement, Opera Mini group has launched their browser for this smartwatch.

They have told that you will get quite same interface on Gear S as today’s mobile phone. You can use speed dial feature to open any site by just one tap. As it is coming with “force-zoom” feature, you will be able to zoom in and zoom out by tapping twice on the screen. On the other hand, you can move forward or back by swiping from right to left and vice versa.

Alike other popular desktop web browser, Opera Mini has started showing most popular news and frequently opened website list on the start screen. You will get the same feature on your Samsung Gear S.

According to Opera Mini group, it will obviously reduce your data usage since it takes very less memory than other browsers. As the screen resolution is comparatively smaller, you can save more data.

You will get all the features of Opera Mini 7.5 on Samsung Gear S as the first release. Next update will surely bring more functionality on your smartwatch to browse internet better.

Hope this web browser will help you to get rid of mobile addiction. What do you think about this release?

Image Credit: Opera Blog


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