How to Save Article in Apple News to Read Later

Apple launched iOS 9 a long time ago. iOS 9 was an awesome OS update for users as it came with so many new features and that is why it grabbed more than 50% users within a week of launch. As mentioned before, iOS 9 came with a lot of new features, you could have got Apple News in that version. There is a 50-50 chance to get Apple News on your iPhone or iPad as it is available only in the United States. Therefore, you can get Apple News in any country but you will have to do something tricky.

If you have used Apple News on your iOS device, you may know everything about this app. However, if you haven’t used it before, let me tell you the basic things about Apple News.

What is Apple News?

As the name defines, Apple News is a news app, which is developed by Apple Inc. You can get daily news with the help of Apple News app. The most interesting thing is you can explore news in two different ways. First, you can look for news by topic. Second, you can get news by website. That means, suppose, you love to read a particular website. You can simply add that in your Apple News app.

Apple News has fewer features but all of them are very useful. Basically, Apple News is lagging behind other news apps for iOS because it comes with fewer functions and features. Therefore, you cannot do all the things what are possible with Feedly or any other news app or feed reader.

Save Article in Apple News to read later

One of the most important features of Apple News is you can save article to read later. It works something like the bookmark features. Just like bookmark in web browser, you can browse all the pages or articles, what you will save in your Apple News.

However, to do so, you do not need any other third party app and on the other hand, this is very easy to save any article in your Apple News account.

Save Article in Apple News to Read Later

As mentioned before, you do not need any third party app in order to bookmark article in Apple News. This is an in-built feature of Apple News. Therefore, at first, open Apple News and open an article that you want to save in your Apple News app. Here, you can find three different options i.e. Share, Favorite and Save.

Open article in Apple News

Just tap on the Save button that is placed on your bottom right side. You can find a blue button here.

How to Save article in Apple News for iOS

That implies you article has been saved. Now, you can find your saved articles like this,

Check saved articles in Apple News

To open saved articles in your Apple News app, just tap on the Saved button. Following that, you can find two different tabs i.e. Saved and History. Opt for Saved to get them all.

Saved articles in Apple News for iOS

That’s it! Hope this little guide would be helpful for you.


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