How to Save Email Attachments to iBooks in iOS

iOS doesn’t need any introduction as everyone knows about it and its performance quality that has brought millions of buyers from across the globe. People, who know the quality of stable performance of iOS, often opt for iOS over Android and Windows Phone. Although, those two mobile platforms are awesome but still people often head over to iOS as it is more stable.

On the other hand, iOS has loads of apps, games and features. That is another reason why people often want to use iOS over any other platform. Anyway, iOS has an awesome e-Book application that is called iBooks. iBooks helps users to manage PDF and other documents right in your iOS device. If you have iBooks on your iOS device, you do not need any other document reader for your iPhone.

Now, suppose, you are receiving tons of documents as email attachment and you want to save them in your iBooks. For them, who often get documents as email attachment, this is very easy to save PDF and other documents in your iBooks. Instead of saving them to your local storage and convert them to PDF to save to iBooks, you can simply save them to your iBooks.

The most interesting thing is you do not have to convert your documents to PDF in order to save them to iBooks. Although, iBooks uses only PDF file, but you can still save other formats like .doc, .txt etc. to iBooks. This is because iBooks will automatically convert the email attachment to PDF before saving that to iBooks. That means, you can use this tutorial to convert any other format to PDF via iBooks.

Save Email Attachments to iBooks in iOS

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To save email attachments to iBook in iOS, you do not have to install any third party app. There is no need to jailbreak your device either as this is an in-built feature of iOS’ iBooks.

At first, find an email that contains attachment of any document. Just tap on that to open on your iOS. Here you can find a share button on your top right corner. Just tap on this. Following that, you will get an options called Save PDF to iBooks.

You just need to select this option to get things done.

That’s it! Hope this little tutorial will let you save your time a lot.


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