Save Facebook Chat History in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Facebook has grown into a place that people really love to adhere. Facebook has recently been focusing strongly on privacy settings on the website. But now that millions of people are using it for chatting with buddies, they really need to concentrate on their chat. Among many things, previous chat logs or chat history is something Facebook users are really waiting for. If you use 3rd party tools to chat on Facebook then you can see our previous guides on how you can save Facebook chats in Digsby and Chit Chat. But if you really like to use it on browsers itself then you will need the following add-ons / extensions to save Facebook chat.

You have to configure the add-on or extension which is a bit complicated. Follow the steps below; things will be easier for you.

In Mozilla Firefox:

  • Install the Facebook Chat History Manager add-on
  • Go to Tools > Facebook chat history manager > Get Facebook ID
  • You will need to authorize the Facebook application and only then you will be shown your unique Facebook ID.
  • Copy the unique ID.
  • Go to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager -> Create Account
  • Sign up using your unique ID and facebook login username and password.
  • To view your previous chat logs go to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager ->View History. You have to enter your account details once again.

For more detailed information for configuring this add-on you can see this post.

In Google Chrome:

  • Install the Facebook Chat History Manager extension
  • Go to Window -> Extensions -> [FbCHM] Options
  • Here again, you will need to authorize the Facebook application. Once done, you’ll get your unique Facebook ID.
  • Copy it.
  • Go to Window -> Extensions -> [FbCHM] Options -> Create Account.
  • Sign up with your Facebook account credentials and the unique ID you just got.
  • When you wish to view chat history click the H icon in your address bar. You have to enter your login details.

Let us know what you feel about this add-on or extension. Happy Facebook-ing !!!


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