Save Multiple Images On Webpages With a Single Click

Web surfing experience can’t be complete without downloading and saving the images from web pages which you like. Almost everyone needs to save and download great images found while surfing the web. Often when we come across such an image, we save it using the right click and save image as function of our web browser. This can be convenient if done once or twice. However, if multiple images from a single or multiple web pages are to be downloaded and saved, this method can cause a real hindrance since this process is inherently slow.

Image Download II is a Firefox add-on which is particularly designed to solve this hindrance. It gives users the ability to save all images to hard drive which are shown or linked from a given web page. One question which might arise is that small navigation elements on a web page are also displayed as images and there is a possibility that these might be saved as well. However, Image Download II deals with these as well and filters web page navigation elements are filtered when saving images from the web page.


Once installed, the Firefox add-on adds a new entry to the Firefox menu. Users can create their profiles with their image saving preferences stored in profiles. Whenever you come across an image which you want to download, clicking on the Save Image As button will open the context menu with image saving options. Different saving options are available such as specifying the size of images to be saved, whether background images are to be saved or not, the directory to save downloaded images and so on.


Image Download II also adds an icon to the Firefox toolbar which can be moved and relocated with ease. This icon shows the images available for downloaded on a given web page as per settings defined in the user profiles for Image Download II. Image Download II also has a great feature which lets it not download previously downloaded images which can help user downloading the same images multiple times.

Download link for Image Download II is given here.


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