How to Save Webpage in PDF in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome doesn’t need any introduction as this is one of the best web browsers out there. You can opt for any browser, but when it comes to speed, nothing can beat Google Chrome. Chrome is popular because of having such a great synchronization method. You can use your Google ID or Gmail ID to synchronize all the browsing data across multiple devices. Therefore, you can browse any website from anywhere – there I no need to keep anything in mind. All these things make the browser even more popular.

Now, let’s assume that you are reading an article on the web, which is about something trending or a regular morning news. But, you do not have much time on your hand to complete the long article, which is really interesting. At this moment, you can simply bookmark the webpage in your browser to read it later. That is certainly a good practice.

How to Extract Page From PDF in Mac

But, what if you are about to get no internet connection? If something happens, there will be no other procedure to finish the article. Or, what if you do not want to waste your bandwidth by opening the same page again and again? At such moments, you can simply opt for this trick, which will let you know how to save webpage in PDF in Chrome for Android.

Google Chrome has several awesome features and this is just one of them, which will let you to read your favorite articles in a PDF viewer. You can certainly install different third party apps or use any other method, but this is the best one I have come across. On the other hand, this is very easy and you do not have to install any third party apps as Google Chrome is already installed on your mobile.

Save Webpage in PDF in Chrome for Android

At first, open Google Chrome and open a webpage that you want to save in PDF. Therefore, tap on the options button, which is placed on the top right corner of your screen. Here, you will have to select Print.

Save Webpage in PDF in Chrome for Android

Therefore, you will have to select whether you want to Save it to Google Drive or Save as PDF. If no cloud printer is set up in your mobile, you will get such options. Otherwise, you may get a slightly different option.

Save as PDF in Google Chrome for Android

Just select Save as PDF. Then, the following screen will be appeared. Tap on the small blue button on your screen.

Save webpage in PDF

Now, select a location, where you want to save your PDF file. Following that, you have to add a name. After doing that, you can explore your storage using the in-built File explorer of Android Marshmallow or any other file explorer on Android.


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