Scan your computer for outdated drivers and software programs

The installed software in your computer may not be up to date and there may be updated versions of the application available for download.With two freeware applications you can scan your computer for outdated drivers and software programs and update them directly.

Scan your computer for Outdated Software programs

TechTracker is a free software for windows that can scan your computer for outdated software and will alert you if there are newer versions available for download.

To download TechTracker you need to create a free account in the CNET website.When you run the program for the first time it scans your hard drive for all the installed software and executable files.Then it compares the version information of these programs with their own database of software products.After the scan is complete just visit your own TechTracker page at CNET and you can see the reports of all the outdated software programs in your PC.

If a newer version of the software is available TechTracker gives you a link to the newer version so that you can upgrade it easily.The interesting thing about TechTracker is that you can set up email alerts and get notified whenever there is a newer version of software available that your are using.

Scan your computer for Outdated drivers

Similar to the software programs installed are the important device drivers that may be backdated.You can check for updates in the vendors website manually but the process is tiring as you have to check for driver updates of your motherboard,graphics card,sound card,monitor etc separately.

But with Radarsync updating the drivers is made quite easy.After installing Radarsync just run the program and it will scan your computer for all the installed device drivers.It will then present you with a list of driver updates (if available)


But prior to downloading the newer updates it also provides you with an option to backup the existing drivers in case something goes wrong with the new ones.The old driver backup is emailed to you at your specified email address.So you can safely scan your computer for new driver updates and update them as required.

back-up-existing-drivers-radarsyncThe free version provides you with only the report of the newer versions of the drivers and software’s available while the premium version gives you the direct download links. Also read : Stop windows 7 from installing device drivers automatically.


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