Laytr: Schedule Emails And Set up Email Reminders

Often our inbox gets full and it becomes difficult to find out a particular email. In the process of cleaning our inbox from unnecessary messages, we delete some emails, reply to a select few while some of them are kept aside for later reading.

It’s a really tough work to follow-up the emails in time and for this we need a process which can remind us of e mails to be followed up. Laytr is a web service which help us to schedule email for any future day, time or month and reminds us about the important emails to be followed up that – on the time specified by us. A similar service which we have reviewed earlier is Deferred sender, but Laytr is more user friendly and easy for the novice users.

Simply forward the email to where you can put the keyword according to your choice. The keywords can also be specified at a specific date like  ‘.10th of this month’. If the keyword is a month, Laytr will send it on the 1st date of that month

Instead, if you want to get email reminders on a specific day, the service will send the reminder at 8 a.m. of that very day. You can also add recipient, just put the email addresses in the subject line of your email message.

For more than one recipient, separate the names by commas and enclose them by parenthesses like (,, to get back the original email don’t forget to add yourself in the recipient list. Thus, you’ll get back the original email as well as read receipt from Laytr.

Laytr also provides a dashboard which comes with calender applications. Here you can view all your scheduled emails and stop the unwanted emails like confirmation emails, newsletters and other spam offers.

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