Easily Search Multiple File Hosting Websites With FileTram

These days, one often comes across download links for files which are present on file sharing and storage services like Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. However, one downside of these file sharing and online storage services is that files cannot be searched by default from these services.

However, the genius developers have found makeshift ways to enable searches on these services. FileTram is an online search engine which lets users search files from various file hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, 4shared, Mediafire, Hotfile, etc.

FileTram offers traditional searching options for these file hosting services. Additional features include customizing your search based on certain preferences e.g. search for images, audio, video, books, archives, etc. Similarly, search results can be filtered by sorting for relevance or specifying file size. FileTram also features a Hot Search feature which lists the top 200 search results of the day as performed by various users of FileTram on a given day. You can also view search trends on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and also see the top 100 Hot Files of the day which have been downloaded by users from different file hosting services.


FileTram also offers a search plugin for your web browser which seamlessly integrates into the browser search bar and offers a direct way for searching files on these hosting services without having to actually visit the FileTram website.

Moreover, FileTram lets user to sign up and users can download files up to 500 MB per day using FileTram. This is a great benefit for people who are heavy downloaders.


For extreme downloading freaks, FileTram also offers a premium paid service which just costs $10 and allows users to download files without having to wait for files’ download links to be available.


FileTram is a great search engine for searching files from numerous file hosting and sharing services and must be tried by everyone. It is highly recommended for use.

Try FileTram.


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