How to Search for YouTube Video While Watching Another

YouTube is the largest video broadcasting website and thousands of people are watching YouTube video in every second. YouTube is popular because it is managed by Google and this is very easy to use as well. Anybody can head over to YouTube and start watching any video they want. The most beautiful thing is various production houses are launching their film’s promo or trailer on YouTube so that billions of people can watch them. YouTube has become a medium for many people to reach to millions of people from across the globe. Alike Facebook, different people are using YouTube for various reasons. For instance, many people are using it to earn money. On the other hand, most of the people are using this service to watch latest videos, movies, listen to music and so on.

However, this post is for users, who use YouTube to watch latest videos. You know that YouTube lets users search for any video using the given search box. You can also use filter to find out a particular video. At such moment, if you are watching any video and you want to search for another one, you cannot do so. Obviously, this is possible, but you will have to open a new window for that. Otherwise, the current video will be stopped and YouTube will execute the search. That means, your video will get interrupted.

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On Android, there is a beautiful feature, which lets users to search for YouTube video even when you are watching another one. The playing tab will be place on your bottom right corner. Therefore, you can easily perform the search without leaving the current video. But, on PC, there is no such option.

Search for YouTube Video While Watching Another

If you are using Google Chrome, you can easily do that like Android. That means, you can easily search for YouTube video while watching another. This is possible only in Google Chrome with the help of an extension. This extension is currently in BETA but it is available on Chrome Web Store. Therefore, there is no other problem. Just Add the YouTube Picture in Picture extension to your Chrome web browser and start watching videos and search for another one. Your current video tab will be placed on your bottom right corner. Therefore, you can perform anything whatever you want.

Hope this tiny extension can help you a lot.

Here is another extension that will help you to do any other task while watching YouTube video.


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