See Facebook Notifications And Unread Gmail Messages From Chrome’s New tab Page

Two things which you check everyday – Facebook and Gmail.

Now here is a Chrome extension which helps you do more from your new tab page. Instead of keeping Facebook open in a new browser tab or dedicating another tab for your Gmail, you can try the Knew Tab extension for Chrome.

This extension lets you see Facebook notifications from Google Chrome’s new tab page. In addition to that, you also get to see unread Gmail count from Google Chrome’s new tab page.


So how is this useful?

In my previous post, I have explained some ways to cut down time spent on checking new emails every other hour. If you have this extension installed in Chrome, you will automatically get live notifications whenever you have a new mention on Facebook or when you have a new email. Apart from Facebook and email, the extension shows you other useful options. For example, you get to know the weather of your location, learn new words from Chrome’s new tab page, see the current date, time and read live news articles from an RSS feed of your choice.

So do you lose all the links to your Chrome apps which are shown on Google Chrome’s new tab page by default? Certainly not,Knew tab cleverly organizes all your Chrome apps as a horizontal menu so you can quickly access your Chrome apps with one click.

One thing I like about Knew tab is the typography and the ability to write custom notes from Chrome’s new tab page. Want to quickly jot down a phone number of paste some random text? Hit the Notepad button and you’re all set. The notepad won’t let you save text notes from Google Chrome but it is a good way to write quick notes and export it later.

Overall, Knew tab is a good alternative for your otherwise blank and boring Chrome new tab page.


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