Tweets That Expire After a Given Time Interval – Post Self Destructing Tweets

If you tweet regularly, I am sure you would agree to the fact that some of them are time critical in nature. Maybe you’re watching a soccer match and tweeting like crazy, but you don’t want these tweets to be stuck into your profile forever. Later, when you visit your Twitter profile page, you see all those tweets right up there. Its not a very good experience for anyone who visits your profile.

It would be a great idea if you can post tweets that self destruct after a given period of time. The idea here is that you can add a hashtag to your tweet and ensure that this tweet will automatically be deleted from your timeline after a given period of time (e.g 2 hours).

efemr is a new kid in the block which does just that. Its a web application which lets you post time-limited messages on Twitter.

efemr lets you post self destructing tweets that get deleted and removed from your Twitter account after a given time interval. All you need to do is visit the efemr website, login with your Twitter account, authorize the app to post tweets on behalf of you and you are all set to roll.

Next, you can post self destruting tweets directly from Twitter web interface, any Twitter client, your phone or from anywhere (efemr doesn’t let you post twetts from its web application yet). All you need to do is enter the time limit of the tweet in the form of a hash tag e.g #5m ( 5 minutes) , #1h (1 hour), #4d (4 days) and so on.

This is a great way to ensure that tweets that are posted on the heat of time are automatically deleted after a time interval specified by you. For example, if you have the habit of tweeting which song you are listening to right now, it might be a good idea to add the hash tag #5m to it, so that the tweet is deleted after 5 minutes. Also, if you are tweeting in an event and don’t want those tweets to be arhcived forever, use efemr and let the tweets evaporate after a day or two.

I must say that efemr keeps a log of all the tweets that are deleted from your Twitter account by efemr, so should you need a way to access deleted tweets, simply login to your efemr account with your Twitter username. 


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