Send Direct Messages to Multiple Twitter Friends At Once

Twitter lets you send replies to multiple friends at a time. All you have to do is include “@” followed by the username of the person(s) whom you want to send the message. But this is not the case with Twitter Direct messages.

You can not send Direct messages to multiple friends on Twitter. Neither from the web version nor from any desktop application. There are times when you might want to start a parivate discussion with a group of Twitter friends. Here are some possible case scenarios:

1. You want to have a private discussion with your emplyees but do not like the flexibility and usability of an IM program like Gmail chat, Yahoo messenger or Windows Live chat. Chat programs are often distracting and there is a high chance that unwanted people might ping you when they see you online in a chat program.

2. You want a group chat feature in Twitter but this should not be public. What this means is that you can send Direct messages to a group of people on Twitter and the same people can also send a message to multiple people in one single shot – without haiving to send the message to each person one at a time.

3. The advantage of using private group messaging on Twitter is that all the conversation is safely stored on your Twitter account and any member can refer to the conversation at a later point of time.

Enter TweetGuru – a simple web based Twitter app which can be used to send direct messages to multiple people at once. Just sign in with your Twitter account, authorize the App, and enter your message in the text box as shown below:

Send direct messages to multiple twitter users

Tweetguru can be used to send direct messages to 12 people at a time. This is useful in situations when you want to send the same message, may be a birthday invitation or event schedules to a group of people on Twitter.

As an alternative, you should also check out Groupme – this works the same as TweetGuru but it lets you send SMS messages to a group of people even without an Internet connection. It doesn’t care where you are or whether you are connected to the Internet, as long as you have the phone with you, you can send simple text messages to your Twitter friends or a group of contacts and start a conversation right away.

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