How to Send Hand Drawn Images on Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an awesome feature by Google which let’s you to connect with all your Gmail friends. It had introduced along with Google plus and gained popularity because of it’s easy to use interface while video calling. One can arrange a video conference with his friends or with public to connect around the world.


It had already replaced the conventional Gmail Chat and recently came with it’s own standalone website with beautiful interface having periodically changing HD background photos from Google Plus and with some great options.This allows users to concentrate on chatting without getting distracted from emails. One can use Google Hangouts on Gmail without Google Plus account also. It basically works as old Gmail chat, you can send an invitation to a person who you want to connect with, once that person accepts the invitation, you can connect with that person. On Hangouts, one can perform Phone call (calling rates may apply), video call and send a message.

Google hangouts has bunch of emoticons to use and supports to draw something we want on an image and send it via chat. Let’s see how to do it.

Login to Google hangouts, and hover your mouse to the image symbol which is present at right side of text box. You will see a pencil symbol appearing now.


By clicking that pencil icon, you will now redirected to drawing tools window. You can draw with your mouse. The point is available in circle and rectangle shapes in different colors. I wish they put an eraser here if I want to remove something. I hope they do that soon.


In the editor, as you can see, there is pan option using which you can drag your image on the window (I don’t know what that’s for), and a camera option using which you can upload an image and edit it (both from computer and using URL under Photos tab). For some reason, image is getting uploaded for me, but I am not able to edit it as it’s not getting showed up on the window. I hope they fix this soon.

Once your drawing is done, you can send the image by clicking on the paper rocket icon.



You can also send a normal image, by choosing image option in the box. You can edit the uploaded image if you want to. This seems working for me. You can send gif images too.





Sent images can also be edited and can be sent again, if needed. While uploading image, there is a Video Search Tab, using which one can search video and send the link via chat. This is very cool feature.



What do you think of these new features in Hangouts? Do let us know in comments.

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