How to Send iPhone Photos to Apple Watch

Apple is building a whole new mobile system since a long time now and as a result, they have launched various things like Apple Watch, better synchronization and a lot more things. Although, it says it is a watch but this does a lot of things than just showing the time. You can use it as a parallel display of your iPhone. Apart from checking time, you can check email, view photos, set alarm, capture screenshots and so on.

However, if you have captured some photos on your iPhone and now want to check them on Apple Watch, this is possible indeed. Apple Watch is a really smart watch and you can certainly send iPhone photos to Apple Watch without any problem.

Sometime, we get bored of using mobile. Although, this is very rare but it is happening frequently with some people. It generally happens when users get a new device. They try to ditch the old one after getting a new device. For example, if you are getting bored of using iPhone after getting Apple Watch, here is a solution. Here is a trick that will let you check all your photos on your Apple Watch.

Send iPhone Photos to Apple Watch

Send iPhone Photos to Apple Watch

This is possible with the official Apple Watch app for iOS that generally requires to connect your Apple Watch to the iPhone or other iOS devices. You can make use of the same Apple Watch app to send photos from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. To do so, do follow the following steps.

At first, create a new album for your Apple Watch. This is a good choice. Instead of sending photo from the Camera Roll, you can certainly place your “want-to” synchronize photos in a different directory so that you can identify which photos have been sent and which are not. This is obviously a good practice for this tutorial. After creating an album, move all the photos that you want to send to your Apple Watch.

Now, open your Apple Watch app on your iOS device. Here you can find a “My Watch” tab. In that tab, “Photos” option can be found. Now, select “Photo Syncing” and “Synced Album” respectively. After that, you have to choose the album that you have created in the step 1.

After choosing the album, give it some time when it will synchronize all the photos. It can take a few moments but it depends on the number of photos. After completing the synchronization, open “Photos” app on your Apple Watch and you should find all the photos that you have sent from iPhone or iOS device.


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