Save And Send Large Files Online With DropCanvas

Popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and others offer users to store and access files from anywhere. If you are looking more from cloud storage, use Dropcanvas. It blends the flexibility to access files and freedom to share those with others and gives you a beautiful product where you can send large amount of data to anybody to anywhere right from your browser at zero cost.

To use this service, you will simply need to go to the site and drag and drop the files to browser or use the upload button. At the time you load the first file, Dropcanvas automatically creates a virtual directory with a unique address, which is your canvas, as they call it. It allows simultaneous multiple uploads and huge 5GB cloud space per canvas with no limit of how many of canvases you like to create.

Dropcanvas_DragnDropFrom the toolbar, press send button to share files you’ve uploaded. You can see find links, View is for sharing and viewing the contents and Modify is for editing the canvas.Share the unique URL to people you want to share that canvas. Remember, there is no way you can change that URL in future. So in case you want to keep those files away from the wrong hands, instead of changing the URL you have to delete the entire canvas, which in most cases is not desired. Dropcanvas gives you options to share your canvas to popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Reddit or email them to friends and colleagues. Use edit button to delete the canvas or individual items.

Dropcanvas_linkFor non-registered users, the lifespan of your canvas is 60 days. If you want to keep files longer than that, you have to register which is absolutely free. You can also log in with your Facebook account. Pastelink is a similar tool but unlike Dropcanvas it has many limitations such as 250MB maximum file size limit, 2 GB storage etc. I like this tool because of its minimal drag and drop interface. It’s really easy to operate, neat and clean, less distracting and very useful while sharing large files over the internet or to store for future use.


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