Send Print Jobs Of Google Docs Documents And Spreadsheets From Your Mobile Device

Google Docs is by far one of the best online office programs I have seen in the recent years. Apart from sharing, collaboration and great usability, Google Docs also offers useful printing options which many users might not be aware of.

Lately, Google Docs added support for printing spreadsheets without gridlines which is a great way to reduce printing costs of office documents and print your spreadsheet on plain white paper without the dark gridlines.

Again there is Google Cloud print, which allows users to print their Google Docs documents from any computer and send print jobs from a desktop computer or a mobile device directly to the printer. This is again a valuable feature which lets you print Google Docs documents from anywhere, not just your office or home computer.

Now here is a recent addition to Google Docs printing inventory – the team has just added support to print Google Docs spreadsheets from your mobile device.

Mobile device ? How can we print spreadsheets and documents from mobile ? I hear you say.

Actually, Google Docs has now made it easy to send print jobs to a cloud connected printer from your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile devices. All you have to do is click the “Print” link placed just below the title of the spreadsheet, as shown in the following screenshot:

Print Google Docs spreadsheets from mobile device

So, if your office printer support Google cloud print and you are on your way to office, it would be a good idea to send a print command from your smartphone to the Google cloud print connected printer and print all the documents, account spreadsheets you will need ready at your office desk. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a computer nearby, Google wants to assure that the word “Cloud” goes well by it’s name and the users can send print commands directly from their mobile device, iphone or Android.

Advanced Printing options In Google Docs – Ideally Suited For Desktop Computers

In addition to mobile printing, Google Docs has also introduced more features like printing multiple sheets or selected sheets of a spreadsheet or print selected cells. Users can also select how big the font size would be, whether they would fit the entire page or print the document in it’s actual size and font

Printing option of Google Docs documents

More options of choosing document titles, page numbers and sheet names have also been included in the print options of Google Docs spreadsheets and documents. While printing a Google docs spreadsheet from your desktop computer or mobile device, you may choose to print the document in “Landscape” or “Portrait” mode and include sheet numbers, page numbers and the document title.

The way Google Docs keeps on adding new features, it’s no wonder users will prefer switching to cloud office suite rather than use the old Microsoft office or Open office for managing, printing and sharing documents with their friends and colleagues.

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