How to Send Screenshots, Files and Folders to Ftp From Desktop

Clupper is a brilliant screen capture tool which can send images, files and folders directly to your FTP server. You can send the files and images to multiple FTP accounts at once and it is a one click solution to capture and add screenshots in your blog posts. We have seen Tinygrab – a desktop tool to capture screenshots, upload it and share the shortened URL. Clupper is similar and it can send images, files and folders to your FTP account from Windows clipboard data.

Download Clupper.

Sending Screenshots to FTP server from Desktop: Start the app and fill in the FTP details of your account. This includes adding the hostname, FTP user name, password and the folder path used to store images.

Capture screenshot and send to your blog

You are all done. Right click the system tray icon to take a screenshot. After the screenshot is ready, hit the clup it button and the image is uploaded in your FTP account. The image URL is copied in your system clipboard so you can just perform a simple copy paste and add the image in a new blog post.

The image can be easily be added in email messages, IM windows for quick sharing. The image formats can be chosen as jpg, png or gif and you can even edit the file name of the image from Clup it >Advanced.

Sending files and folders to FTP server from Desktop: Clupper also supports uploading files and folders to your Ftp account. Just copy a file or folder and double click the Clupper icon from system tray. The file would be uploaded and the URL copied in the Windows clipboard. If you have uploaded an entire folder, it will appear as a subdirectory in your FTP account.

Here is a quick screencast which shows how Clupper works:

Clupper includes a very basic editor to crop your screenshot but advanced features like adding text, arrows or other graphics isn’t supported yet. The software runs on java and can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac. If you want a portable screen capture tool, try Pickpick.


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