Send Only Selected Tweets To Your Facebook Account As a Status Update

Ever wished you can cross post Twitter tweets as Facebook status updates, without having to manually update both the accounts?

There are hundreds of apps which lets you cross post updates between Twitter and Facebook accounts (e.g ). One of the problems with these apps and websites is the “Autonomous nature” which completely mimics each and every update across all of your social accounts.

Often times, it’s not required at all.

Your friends and followers who follow your profile on all the social networking websites e.g Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace will surely get frustrated seeing the same updates everywhere. So it would be better if you can send only selected tweets, status updates or links from Twitter to your Facebook account, LinkedIn account and so on.

I have used Tweetdeck, Digsby, HootSuite in past and they are all great, when it comes to decide which Tweets are posted as your Facebook status and which is not. But if you want a simple app which can cross post Twitter updates to your Facebook account, try Selective Tweets

Selective Tweets, work with a unique hashtag (#fb) – whenever you are composing a tweet and want it to be set as a new Facebook status update, simply include the hash tag #fb anywhere in your Tweet.

To get started with Selective tweets, go to the app page, enter your Twitter username and grant all the permissions. Done !

If you are the administrator of a Facebook fan page, you can also post your Tweets directly as a status update on the Facebook fan page. The settings panel of the app allow you to define any prefix or suffix, though it’s not that recommended.

Cross Post Tweets as Facebook Status Updates

Note: If you’re currently using the Twitter application or other app to update your status, remember to remove them so that it doesn’t keep updating with all your tweets.

As it turns out, Selective Tweets is one of the best ways to update your Facebook status from Twitter. Do try Selective Tweets and let us know any better alternatives in the comments section.

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