Send Web pages as PDF to Google Docs From Google Chrome

There are so many situations when you might want to email a webpage as a PDF document to your Gmail or Google Docs account. Maybe, you are surfing the web from a shared computer and do not want to bookmark the URL of the page in the local browser.

Or you are completing a project which requires snapshots of websites, images, web documents to be saved in a central location, which can be accessed from any computer you want to. While bookmarking blog posts or articles for later reading is easily achieved using, Read it Later – the same is not true for saving a webpage as PDF in Google Chrome.

However, if you want to use Google docs for bookmarking and reading web pages,the Send to Google Docs extension for Google Chrome can come in really handy.



The extension makes it really easy to email webpages, images, photos, blog posts, URL’s or any other web elements directly to your Google Docs account. Works quite simple – install the extension in Google Chrome and browse the web as you normally do. Whenever you’re reading an article at Wikipedia, checking a Flickr Photo album, browsing through a news aggregator and want to copy the same webpage to your Google Docs account, simply hit the extension button once.

That’s all – the extension will capture a full page snapshot of the current webpage and save the images as a PDF document directly in your Google Docs account. You can use the extension to save webpages, images and other media formats any number of times – there are no upper limits as such.

For example: I tried the above extension on the homepage of this blog and here is how the result looks inside my Google docs account:

Email a PDF copy of webpage to Google Docs from Google Chrome

Now that the copy of the webpage is saved on your Google Docs account, you can later download it as a PDF document for offline reading. All the links and images in the original webpage will be kept intact in the PDF copy. This method can be a really good workaround to read blogs and websites that are blocked at workplace, school or office. Firefox users can install the Send to Google Docs add-on using this link

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