How to Set 4 Digit Passcode in iOS

In terms of security, iOS is one of the most popular platforms out there. People opt for iOS because of having plenty of reasons and security is one of them. Although, there are so many problems between the parent company and security agency, yet, Apple always take care of security of the user. This is the main reason, why everyone loves Apple.

Every year, Apple launches a new version of iOS. Last year, they launched iOS 9 with so many new features. They have improved a lot of things and launched iOS 9. From regular features to speed to accessibility to security, Apple improved almost all the things in iOS 9. The most popular feature of iOS 9 was 6 digit passcode. Generally, we are familiar with 4 digit passcode.

Setup 4 digit passcode in iPhone

Whenever, we need to enter a pin, you can find four empty boxes to enter your desired code. However, if you are using iOS 9 or later version, you can find that Apple has implemented a special thing to increase the number of digit you can enter as passcode. Previously, Apple had 4 digit passcode, which was pretty good. But, nowadays, this is too easy to guess a 4 digit passcode for anyone.

Hence, the security may be compromised if someone gets success to unlock an iPhone by entering the correct passcode. Keeping this in mind, Apple has launched a new system, where you can enter 6 digit passcode. Therefore, it would be more secure and useful for anyone.

However, if you are familiar with 4 digit passcode and do not want to use 6 digit passcode on your iOS device, here is a solution. By default, Apple lets you set a 6 digit passcode. However, this is also possible to set and get 4 digit passcode in iOS without any third party app. You just need to utilize an option to get so.

Set 4 Digit Passcode in iOS

If you are already using 6 digit passcode and want to set a 4 digit passcode in iOS device, the following steps are for you.

At first, open Settings and go to Touch ID & Passcode. Here, you will get an option called Change Passcode.

Change Passcode in iOS

You can get it under the option labelled Turn Passcode Off. Tap on that and enter your current 6 digit passcode. Following that, you will get the screen where you have to enter your new passcode. On the same screen, you will get a button called Passcode Options.

Passcode options in iOS

Just tap on that. A popup will be appeared. Here, you will get the option called 4-Digit Numeric Code.

Select 4 Digit Numeric Passcode in iOS

Tap on that and enter your desired passcode. Following that, you have to enter just 4 digit passcode to unlock your device.

Please note that, this is not recommended to use 4 digit passcode when you can enter a 6 digit passcode, which increases the security. However, hope this tutorial will help you to set 4 digit passcode in iOS.

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