How to Set Any Song as Alarm Tone in iOS

By default, iOS users cannot choose any song or music track as their alarm tone. Sometime, you might have tried to set your favorite tone or song or music as your alarm tone so that you can wake up early in the morning. However, the problem exists in iOS Clock app, which doesn’t let users set any particular music apart from pre-loaded tones. However, now, this is possible to set almost any song as alarm tone in iOS with the help of Apple Music.

After a quite long time after new MacBook, Apple has launched something that is being attracted by millions of people from across the world. This is called Apple Music, which helps users to listen to any song and save that on subscription basis. In a simple line, Apple Music is getting more popular than any other Apple feature after Apple Pay.

If you have Apple Music in your iPhone, you can easily pick up any song that you love to set as your alarm tone or want to wake up by listening to that music. Here are few simple steps what will assist you to get things done. There is no other app needed for this workaround.

This trick will be done in two different parts. In the first part, you need to add your favorite music/song to My Music, which generally helps users to play songs. To add any music from Apple Music to My Music, do follow the following steps.

Add Music to My Music

At first, open Apple Music and search for a song and choose one music. Tap on the three dots that will open all options. Then tap on Add to My Music.

Add song to my music

That’s it. After doing to so, you need to follow these steps.

Set Any Song as Alarm Tone in iOS

Open your Clock app from app menu drawer. You will certainly get few things like World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch etc. Just go to Alarm.

After that, you can either edit predefined alarm or set a new alarm. No matter, whatever you do, you will have to select the time. Following that, you will get an option called Sound. Tap on that.

Now, you will get three options,

  • Buy More Tones
  • Songs
  • Ringtones

Under the Ringtones tab, you can find some preset tones. However, under the Songs tab, you can find an option called Pick a song. Tap on this.

Pick a song to set as alarm tone

Now, tap on Songs button to go to My Music, where you will get all your music those are saved from Apple Music. Just select one music that you want to set as alarm tone.

That’s it! Now, your favorite music has been set as your alarm tone. The interesting thing is you can select different songs for different alarms.

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