How to Set Cortana as Default Voice Assistant in Android

Google Now is one of the best features of Android 4.1 and later versions. However, as Microsoft has launched Cortana for Android for selected group of people in US and China, Google Now is facing some problems. As Microsoft’s native digital assistant works great on Windows Phone and Windows 10 PC, more and more Android users are showing their interest to have HER on their Android mobile.

If you are using an Android mobile and want to use Cortana on your mobile, you will have to wait since Microsoft has not announced any specific date to launch this digital voice assistant. However, they have got a massive positive response from the beta testers and that is the reason why Microsoft is trying to make it even more user friendly so that it can compete with other contenders in the market.

How to Set Cortana as Default Voice Assistant in Android

Cortana for Android is available for free for some people and they had to skip some security checks to install the non-Google-Play store app on their mobile. Anyway, Microsoft has recently updated the beta version of Cortana and some more features have come out through the beta testers. According to the beta testers of Cortana for Android, now, this is possible to set Cortana as default voice assistant in Android phone.

Previously, whenever they need to use Cortana, they had to open it from the app menu drawer. On the other hand, in Android, if you press and hold the home button, Google Now, the default digital assistant of Android, opens up. Nevertheless, the problem has been solved for them, who wanted to replace Google Now with Cortana in their Android mobile.

The latest update of beta edition has got this feature. Now, those selected beta testers can set Cortana as their default voice assistant instead of Google Now. As usual, users will get two options when they will press the home button of their Android mobile.

Just Now and Always.

Set Cortana as Default Voice Assistant in Android

If you select Just Now, Cortana will be opened for that particular season. However, if you select Always, Cortana will be set as default voice assistant by replacing Google Now. This is as simple as said and this same procedure can be performed to set any app as your default app in Android.

This is a great step for Microsoft to compete with Google Now. Microsoft is silently adding so many features in their products like Windows 10 for PC, mobile and now Cortana for Android.

Hope it will be released for all in near future with more other awesome features.

Via: Microsoft-News


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