How to Setup Parental Control on Android without Any Software

If you are an Android tablet users and want to share your tablet with your friends, here is a workaround that will let you share your Android tablet with some restrictions. On the other hand, if your kid often asks you to use your Android tablet, you can use this great in-built parental control option to prevent third party from accessing your entire tablet.

Setup Parental Control on Android without Any Software

The in-built parental control feature is available on Android 4.2+ tablets and you won’t get it on mobiles. You know that this is very easy to set up parental control on Windows and Android using software. But this trick will let you do the same without installing any third party software.

Suppose, you want to share your tablet with your friends but the problem is you have a lot of office documents in your tablet what should not be disclosed. Alternatively, you have some interesting games those will kill your battery for sure. At such moment, you can easily use this parental control feature and let other prevent from accessing all your apps and files.

How to setup parental control in Android tablet?

It is pretty simple. At first, set up a phone lock. You can choose anything among PIN, Password, Patterns etc. otherwise, you will get the following popup during the setup;

Set Lock on Android

However, after setting up the lock, open your Settings and go to Users window under Device menu.

Open Users from Settings

Tap on Add user or Profile.

Add New User or Profile

Now, you can set two types of account i.e. User and Restricted Profile.

Create Restricted Profile

If you choose User, your guest user can install and use their own apps but they cannot use your apps. If you choose Restricted Profile, your guest users cannot install any app. They cannot even use any other apps except your predefined apps.

Therefore, choose Restricted Profile to setup perfect parental control. Snow, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Choose Apps for Restricted Profile

Just toggle the On/Off button to give the access to your restricted profile. You will get some apps i.e. Calendar, Email etc. which are not applicable to use in Restricted Profile.

After selecting apps, there is no need to do anything since you have almost done. Now, whenever, you will restart your tablet or go to lock screen, you will get all users’ names. Just select your profile and start using that.


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