How to Setup Touch ID on iOS

Touch ID or fingerprint recognition is one of the most useful features of iOS, which is deeply integrated into iOS devices. This is possible to add a highly secure layer of security on your existing security of your iPhone. Although, there are many workarounds to bypass iPhone security but most of them do not bypass the Touch ID or fingerprint sensor. This is why Touch ID of iOS is one of the most popular feature and a plus point for this mobile platform.

Even though, Touch ID is not available in older iPhone or iPad, but you can get it on iPhone 5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 4. Therefore, this particular security feature is really available for a wide range of Apple devices. This is possible to unlock your device with the help of Touch ID.


Not only that, but also you can use Touch ID in iTunes Store, App Store, iBookStore etc. to purchase anything including app, game, ebook etc. Whenever, you need to enter your passcode, you can simply use your Touch ID to unlock your mobile. As this uses biometric data, you can set and forget it because your iPhone will be unlocked once you use your own fingerprint.

The default settings assist users to use both of the security features i.e. passcode and Touch ID. But, you can turn off your passcode if you think your passcode is not so strong to protect your iPhone. Therefore, if you have anyone of the aforementioned devices, you can head over to this guide to setup Touch ID on iOS. This is very easy and not much time consuming.

How to Setup Touch ID on iOS?

You know that this is an in-built feature of iOS, which is available in selected devices. Therefore, if you have any of the above-mentioned devices, you can follow these steps. At first, open your Settings panel and go to Touch ID & Passcode settings. You can find in under Sounds and Wallpaper settings.

Touch ID and Passcode settings in iOS

Now, you can find an option called Add a Fingerprint.

Fingerprint settings in iOS

Tap on that and do follow the screen option to enter your fingerprint. Although, you can use up to five fingers to enter your single fingerprint, but this is not recommended. Use only one finger to enter one fingerprint. After adding the fingerprint, you can find the following screen,

How to set Touch ID in iOS

Your fingerprint has been added. By using the default settings, you can only unlock your iPhone. If you want to add the same fingerprint settings while purchasing or downloading any app from iTunes or App Store, you can toggle the corresponding button.

This is as easy as said. The best part is you can lock your notes using Touch ID.

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