How to Share Code Online with Climbi

If someone is doing something online, just peep into his/her PC. You can certainly find him/her as a programmer or graphic designer. These two things are the most trending terms in today’s tech era. If you are a graphic designer, this is quite difficult to share your work over any online tool. However, if you are a programmer, you can share your codes with friends or anybody else over email, web apps and so forth.

Share Code Online with Climbi

Github, PasteBin etc. are the most popular and very easy-to sue online code editors as well as a medium to share codes. However, today I am going to introduce another awesome online code editor and the medium to share codes. This brilliant online code editor is known as Climbi.

Climbi is a free tool to write your code. It comes with minimum features but all existing features are much useful. Because of the minimalism of Climbi, there is no Sign Up/Register option. That means, you can just head over to the official website and start using it right away.

This brilliant code editor would help you to write most of the major programming languages including C++, C#, Java, javascript, JSON, HTML, CSS, XML, Ruby, Python and more others. The most beautiful thing among Climbi’s useful features is Syntax Highlighting. Climbi will highlight various syntax automatically like offline and other code editors.

How to use Climbi to share code?

This is very easy for anyone to make use if this tool. At first, go to the Climbi website and hit the New button on the homepage. That is all you have to do to get started with Climbi.

After that, you can start writing your code. Before sharing any written code with friends, you have to do only one important thing. The Title of The Page is required to share your code.

Sample code on Climbi

At last, click on the Save button. Now, you can get the unique URL of your code.

Share URL to Share Code

If you have made any mistake in your code, you can easily proofread that by clicking on Edit button and previous versions will stay on the screen. You can keep all the versions so that you can find the change easily.

Updates of your Code


Being a free online code editor, Climbi is really good. The simplicity makes it even better. Although, you can use GitHub or PasteBin to save the code for long time but Climbi won’t let you do so. That is the only disadvantage.


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