Share facebook photos with people not on Facebook

Say you have a large number of photos at Facebook and you want to share your Facebook photos with friends who do not have a Facebook account.

There are a couple of options available :

A. Download all your facebook albums and photos and send the photos to your friends via email.This can be a bit tiring if you have a large collection of photos.

B. Create a Life stream of your facebook Photos and embed them in your Blog/Website and share the Link with your friends.

C. Create a photo slideshow with your facebook albums and photos and share the slideshow with your non facebook friends.(see example)

D. Use a Facebook app called Diditz and share your facebook albums with Non facebook users via a URL.

Option A,B and C are cool but option D is much more flexible and user friendly one.This facebook application lets you convert your facebook photos to Normal HTML WebPages that anyone can view and add comment. You just need to connect your facebook account with the application.(see example of my Diditz page)

The application automatically scans your facebook album and profile pictures.After that you can select the photos that you wish to share and add Title,description,keywords and categories. The most promising feature is that you can even add videos or embedded slides in your Diditz page.

After you have customized your Diditz you can share your page with the world. Anyone can view the photos that you have shared and Facebook users are allowed to comment, post links as the update is shown in your as well as your friends News feed.

After your page is published it can be shared in all the popular networks like twitter,SU,Digg,delicious etc. Here is a short Video about Diditz and what it does

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