Share Full Size Pics on Instagram From iPhone – Do more with NoCrop for iOS

Instagram is one of the most popular service in the mobile ecosystem. People are crazy over it, sharing photos that have effects ranging from filters to blur, to the rest of the world. Some have grown so addicted to the service that they cannot think of a life without it. No wonder it was bought by Facebook for a whopping $1 billion last year.

If there’s one thing that annoy users the most on Instagram, it’s the fact that photos in Instagram are of square sizes. This is a problem considering some of the photos are meant for widescreen view and hence need to be cropped before putting it on the Instagram stream. Portrait photos and the nice widescreen shots that you can take from your iPhone need to be cropped before sharing it on Instagram, losing some important elements of the photo in the process. Several users have faced this issue and I’m sure you might have bumped into this problem. Thankfully there’s a workaround that can be done right on your phone through NoCrop for iOS.

photo 2 nocrop_2

NoCrop for iOS is a free app on the App Store that lets you add white borders for the extra space that need to be filled. Basically it resizes the photo to fit the aspect ratio set by Instagram and the app adds whitespace to remaining region. You can also add tilt to the photo to make it more attractive. It’s not a perfect solution, but hey at least the photo is shared in full!

You can take photos within the app itself or import the photos from your photo gallery to NoCrop. The interface is pretty easy, you can resize photo to your wish, give a tilt to the photos all with two finger gesture. The white borders will be visible on the photo after the edit and conforms to the square aspect ratio as per the Instagram rules. You can also share the edited photos to other services like Twitter, Facebook, etc through the share button in the app.

photo 4 photo 3

If you find trouble seeing your not so great cropped photos on Instagram, NoCrop is worth a shot. Its far simpler to use than other photo editing apps like Photoshop and very convenient to share the photos within the app. All the more it is completely free on the App Store.

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