Turn Your PC Into A Standalone Music Server With FireFly

Well normally all the music loving computer users have a dedicated computer that is solely acting as Media center containing all the music archives. So all those music loving users that are eager to share their collections, stop running iTunes if you want to share your music because there is a new utility in the town called as Firefly that will enable you to stream music from any of your computer may it be a Laptop or a Netbook anywhere in your house or office.


Firefly is based on DAAP protocol and good thing is that it can share your music with any of the softwares that are easily available on the internet like iTunes, Songbird, Rhythmbox and loads of others. Firefly also transcodes file formats that other softwares can’t play like .ogg. Firefly enables you to do all of this stuff without ever having to leave a playback application running on your media center computer. To conclude in a line – Firefly converts your PC to a music server that allows you to share your music within your network.

Firefly and DAAP


Well Firefly is based on DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol), a protocol that Apple’s iTunes have been using to share music with any kind of a computer located on any particular network. Although it was iTunes devised protocol but it got reverse engineered and developers then later on employed it in other music players as well.

How to Setup Firefly

Setting up Firefly is pretty simple, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download Firefly from internet, You can get it easily from their website.
  2. If you are a Linux user, then you just have to click here in order to get it.
  3. Both the Windows and Mac users will be downloading “nightly” version because it is very much stable on these platforms as compared to normal version.
  4. After installation of Firefly, Windows and Mac users will have to configure it.
  5. Configuration window will pop-up during first launch.
  6. You can change the network settings as well as the location of music folder to be shared in configuration window.
  7. Firefly-Playlist

  8. Mac users will find Firefly config panel in the System Preference tray

iTunes Compatibility issue

Some of Firefly users have complained that it doesn’t work properly with iTunes, so if you are one of them and using iTunes 10 then your problem can be easily solved. Upgrade to iTunes 10.1 or higher version and everything will be fine because Apple has fixed this third party compatibility issue.

On the whole, Firefly is not merely a music player, it is a program that facilitates any computer system to share the music on it with music players like iTunes.

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