How to Share Passbook Pass from iPhone

Passbook, probably the most sophisticated and useful iOS application that is being managed by Apple itself. Passbook is available for iOS 6 and all the later versions. You know that Passbook is used to gather all passes for movie, game shop, online e-commerce sites or even offline shops.

You can carry your original pass or movie ticket as a 2D QR code and it can be used any time you want at right place. Passbook uses a location service to pop up in the lock screen so that users can get his/her passes to get into somewhere. Passbook is very simple.

Share Passbook Pass from iPhone

There are several web portals where you can get passes for online game purchasing, food order, home booking or even for Apple app store. Passbook has already included so many services over the years since it was released for iOS 6 back in 2012.

However, nowadays, we share a lot of things with friends and relatives. There are actually so many methods to share something. For example, if you want to share birthday party’s photos, just head over to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or anything to send images. Even you can email pictures within seconds.

Just like images, documents, songs and videos, you can also share Passbook pass with friends. Suppose, you have some movie tickets/passes in your Passbook. However, due to some reasons, you cannot go to the movie theater. At such time, instead of wasting your movie theater passes, you can send that to your friends so that they can watch the movie.

Or, suppose, you have some coupons for Airbnb to rent homes. But for any crucial reason, you won’t go to anywhere for a small trip. At such moment, if your friends are going to the vacation, you can help your friends or anybody by sending your Airbnb pass via Passbook for iPhone.

How to share Passbook pass from iPhone?

This is very simple and yet not time-consuming. You do not have to install any third party software to export the Passbook pass from the application and share that with anybody. However, just follow the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Open your Passbook app on your iPhone.

Step 2: As usual, you can find all your saved passes on the screen. Just select one pass that you want to share with a friend or send to anybody.

Step 3: Now, you can find a Share button in your bottom left section of your screen. Just tap on that.

Step 4: Now, you can find all the sharing options aka apps including iMessage, Mail, Messenger or anything that you have on your iPhone. Just select one app to share. Then, you will have to enter the details such as mobile number or email ID etc. to send it.


That’s it! So, this is as simple as said. Hope you will like it.

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