Share Google Plus Posts And Updates On Your Facebook And Twitter Account

Google Plus in it’s early nascent stage and it has been only one day since Google Plus was launched on an invite only basis.

Only a few users (including me) were able to get a Google plus invite and most of the web traffic is still in the waiting queue. If you have successfully created your Google Plus profile and want an easier way to cross post updates and links from Google Plus profile to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, here is a Google Chrome extension which will come in handy.

You don’t have to copy paste status updates or links from your Google Plus profile to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Simply install the Extended share for Google Plus chrome extension and you are good to go.

After the extension has been installed, compose your update in Google Plus, choose the circles with whom you want to share the update and hit the “Share” button. As soon as you share your post on Google Plus, you should see an overlay window popping up, as shown below:


To post updates from Google Plus to Facebook or Twitter, click the links one by one and it will open a new browser tab. You will be taken to your Facebook and Twitter account where your status update or link will be automatically copied to the “compose” box Now all you have to do is hit the “Share” or “tweet” button and it will be posted. Pretty neat!

Please note that the extension is still in it’s experimental stage and there are some bugs. You might not see the sharing buttons of Twitter and Facebook right away, after updating your post at Google Plus. In that case, refresh the page once and you will see a “send to” link attached at the bottom of the post.

The extension works like a charm and if you want a really fast way to share Google plus updates on Facebook and Twitter, this is the tool you need.

Note: If any of your updates at Google plus contain an internal link of Google plus, some of your Twitter and Facebook friends might not be able to view the link. This is obvious, as they will need a Google Plus account to view the internal page at your Google Plus account.


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