Screenleap Lets You Share PC Screen With Just A Browser

You may need to show your friends what’s happening right now on your monitor just for fun. Or maybe you need to show what’s going on your computer to your partner at work. A way to do that is to use applications like TeamViewer or CrossLoop. But both needs to downloaded on your PC. Say you just have a browser, you can use Screenleap which makes screen sharing with no hiccups. No need to signup for the service or install anything on your computer. Sharing screens right from your browser is possible with Screenleap.

To use it, you need to have Java installed on your computer and a Java-enabled web browser, which almost all the latest browsers are. All you need is to click Share your screen now button. Next, click on the run button on Java initialization page. Then Screenleap Java applet Control Panel appears with available screen sharing options like Share Entire Screen, Share inside rectanglePause/Stop Sharing. You will be able to see a URL and a code which is needed for others to view your screen. The URL is for direct viewing. Share it so the person can view your screen by entering that code in the input box on Screenleap homepage.


Last month Screenleap introduced two very useful features – plugin for Gmail and friends list. With Screenleap for Gmail plugin installed, users can share screen with other contacts right from within Gmail. Plugins are available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

To use friend list feature a Screenleap account is required which is of course free. Then a user can create friend list which makes screen sharing even faster and simpler between friends or team members. When a friend like would like to share his screen, others will be alerted with online notifications, just like instant messaging.

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You will love this tool for the sheer simplicity and seamless functioning. Users can also view shared computer screens from a Java enabled mobile device like Android, iPad or iPhone. But sharing mobile screens is not possible as of now. On a concluding note, it’s a great tool with interesting yet essential applications for remote collaboration for business and fun alike.

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