Quickly Share Your Snagit Screen Captures On Facebook, Twitter Or YouTube

TechSmith Snagit is undoubtedly one of the best screen capture tools which can also be used to edit or convert images from one format to another. With support for custom screen capture profiles and a brilliant Snagit editor, I don’t think any other image editing application can counter the features of Snagit, barring Adobe Photoshop.

One of the reasons why I prefer Snagit over other image editing suites is its simplicity yet the ability to send an image directly to another application via plugins or through the Send to menu. When I am composing blog posts in Windows Live writer, I can send screen captures directly to Windows Live writer, the moment a screen capture is taken. Similarly, I can attach a screen capture file to an email message in Microsoft Outlook, to a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint or to a word document composed in Office 2007. This saves a lot of time and the best thing is that I can even perform a search for older screen captures from Snagit editor’s archive button.

If you use Snagit as your default screen capture program, here is some good news. The Techsmith team has released a couple of social accessories for Snagit which can be used to publish your screen captures to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Evernote or to a custom FTP directory. All these plugins are completely free and works with all older versions of Snagit, hit the following links to download the corresponding .snagacc file:

Share Screen captures on Social sites

When you have installed any of the above social plugins for Snagit, you will see options under the Send to menu in Snagit editor. Spend a few minutes configuring your social accounts and you are all set to share your Snagit screen captures on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (videos only) , Flickr, Evernote or Skype. If you’re the type of person who provides tech support via Skype and need a screen capture utility which can attach a screen capture image to a Skype conversation, these plugins will prove to be a real lifesaver. I will be using the Evernote plugin and the Camtasia studio send to output for attaching screen captures and images to my projects.

All these plugins are available as free download, but you might have to update Snagit to its recent version (Snagit 11).



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