How to Share Trending Topics On Facebook

Facebook is one of the greatest place to connect with our near and dear ones. With 1.44 billion active users per month, it is growing day by day. Facebook is also discovering new ways to connect with people who matter the most. It is introducing various features to express our feelings, emotions and share with our friends. It is also helping businesses to promote their products and gather popularity. Even companies are looking for Facebook profiles of their candidates while hiring. Huge amount of information is getting exchanged on the site every day, including text, images and videos.

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Facebook recently introduced Trending topics on the site using which one can find out what’s people are talking more about around the world. In the desktop site, Trending Topics will appear on top right. It will be divided into number of sections depending on the category of the topic such as Top Trends, Politics, Sports, Science and Technology and Movies. Top Trends tab will display the top trends in all fields in one place, while other sections display trending topics belonging to that particular category. For example, if you want to see political trends, you can go to political tab and view the topics, for movies you can select Movies tab etc.

What information do I get by using Trends?

If you had already know, Twitter also have trends. Facebook trends also work the same way. Facebook monitors topics which will get more likes and shares. It will sort depending on the popularity and category of the topic and places it in Trends. Trends vary depending on your location too. If you click on a Trend, the basic news covering the main topic will appear at the top. At the bottom, it will display posts regarding same topic from various sources such as pages and persons. To display results like that, Facebook searches for some keywords or hashtag which will uniquely identify that particular post and sorts the results based on time.


How to Share a Trend on Facebook?

Now, if you want to share a Trend, hover your mouse to a Trend, but do not click anything. Facebook will show you a little preview of the news with a share button at bottom. If you select that, you will see share card by using which you can share that trend on your own timeline, or friend’s timeline, or in a group or in a page you manage or as a personal message.


You can add a status message, location, your feeling, and tag friends etc stuff that you do with your normal status.



The main use of sharing a trend could be information tracking. If you share a trend to someone, that person can view information about that topic from various sources. Also, in later time,by sharing a trend, one can find out what was happened and why by viewing posts regarding that topic from various pages and persons.

What do you think of this feature? Do let us know in comments.

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